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1994Immigrating to the United States from Mexico City was not easy task but following a dream and the goal to succeed in my mind, just couple day from arriving I started working in the landscape field cleaning yards, mowing lawns doing all the hard chores this profession requires, hard work and good ethics along with the desire to learn (this become a priority) my lenguaje barrier made me soon realize that to achieve a better life and expect a better outcome had to find a way and develop this skills, spend countless hours of joy and frustration combined soon realized how hard this was gonna be, then it dawned to me that to solve this I had to do it one step at the time which made me set a goal of learning one word each day instead of trying to learn all at once and not remembering much, by achieving this it helped me to get promoted as foreman just one season after starting working for the company, managing crews and supervise day to day operations while climbing in positions was the main focus until the company was sold in spring 2001, with my wife Carmen Castellanos pregnant with our first born Atzin Castellanos I found myself with choosing to find another job, relocate or become unemployed, but I had just recently bought my first home in my life and was very committed to stay in it, with some savings and help from my former boss I started Aztlan LawScape inc. in march 2001.

As with any new business gaining the trust and generating business was a little hard so had to go and work for another company the first couple of seasons until our company was able to sustain my needed salary, thanks to my background in computers quickly found out the great potential we had by combining technology within our field, our customers were thrilled to see their designs come to life on a computer screen before we started the work, from 1 employee we grew to 10 in a short period of time working 12 hrs. Monday trough Saturday was the norm things were moving pretty fast and with that we started loosing the focus on customer service and our family, 2010 came and that's when the recession hit in our area it pretty much halted the grow we had experienced in the past, this combined with the burn out feeling of running full blast for many season took a toll physically and physiologically in just a small moment I lost the passion and felt defeat, my dad always said "las cosas siempre pasan por una razon" things always happen for a reason which I truly believed and that winter I decided to go to training event out of all the places in the world cabo san Lucas Mexico, where I met some of the most wonderful people ever in my life successful in the sense of mentality which in turn reflected thought their businesses, this people inspired me and helped me to see and change things differently, I started dreaming again felt like I had just crossed the border once again with the desired to not just be anybody but somebody, recently was invited to tell my history to group of people starting in this business and realized we all have a story to tell and can somehow motivated and be motivated by others, if somehow an immigrant from mexico city with no knowledge of english came to this country in search of a better life and future can make a living, there is no reason or excuse many of you can follow and accomplish your dreams all you need is to have the right mentality and hang around the proper people.

Special thanks to Walt Dyer, Carmen Castellanos, Greg Wittstock, Dave Blocksom, Brian Hoagland, Marlo and Greg Purkey, Clark O'Neill and to that special person that meant the world to me my dad Juan Castellanos

Passion & Expertise

Thanks to our vast clientele we have expanded and as with any company growing can become a liability, we have invested countless hours in training, learning and networking our company name and reputation is behind each and every project we take on, we have added new services and move out from the ones our passion and expertise is not as great as the ones we choose to offer, our family and work force have increased once again as well but haven't lost focus on the main goal of our company, which is to provide the best experience along with expertise for our clients, be the company our employees are proud to be part of while ensuring to provide for our families.

To all that are and have been part of this company, clients, vendor, sales reps, employees for all this years, since all of you have been part of this achievements which give us yet another reason to continue following our dream and success for many years to come.

Thank You.
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  • Atzin Castellanos
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  • Yaretzi Castellanos
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  • Sal Montes
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