09 Jan 2017
Fire place with low voltage lighting illuminating a beautiful pergola, Poughkeepsie NY


For the ultimate outdoor entertainment and comfort, an outdoor fireplace will keep you warm and in the mood to enjoy that glass of wine while listening your ideal music or having a conversation with friends and guests, also will extend your season outdoors providing the ideal climate when temperatures start to drop, we can create a custom feature or install a modular fireplace system depending on access and layout.

09 Jan 2017
Outdoor kitchen are great addition to any home for extra entertaining, Upstate NY


An outdoor kitchen is taking entertaining and family gathering to a whole different level, eating and cooking while enjoying nature is the new trend, families gathering sharing a glass of wine and memories while kids play outdoors. A well designed Outdoor Kitchen will add value to any home with endless possibilities for design and amenities to integrate to fit all needs and desires when it comes to building you ideal outdoor kitchen.

09 Jan 2017
A curve natural stone retaining wall with blue stone, Stormville NY


For a unique look and feel and a product that never goes out of style natural stone is and has been the solution for centuries, from modern, contemporary or rustic look all can be accomplished using mother nature materials, colors, textures, shapes are unlimited, and can be incorporated or used along other modern materials. Natural stone can be used to blend into nature, preserve a historic look while lasting for centuries.

09 Jan 2017
A Cambridge retaining wall with large steps, Milton NY


A retaining wall serves a structure that holds soil on one side and is free standing on the other. They help to accommodate changes in grade in a landscape with uneven topography. Retaining walls allow cuts to a slope to provide more usable space or extend the area. Engineer retaining walls can are a key to retain massive areas, like a commercial parking lot, structures and buildings, create a level area for sports lawn or driveway too, small walls can also serve as sitting walls if properly planned.

09 Jan 2017
Cambridge pavers driveway and main entrance of this home in Highland NY


Concrete paver or cobble stone driveways are an ideal solution in northern climates. if properly designed and installed, they will outlast concrete, blacktop and other materials while giving that unique look for your home, proper base and installation techniques will ensure your project meets the requirements for driving any type vehicles as well as taking the abuse of snow plowing

09 Jan 2017
Pavers for pool patio are nice clean look, Poughkeepsie NY


Pool decks have long been made of poured concrete, this is rapidly changing with some contractors and in some regions. Issues related to concrete cracking and the complexity of repair is making this a less viable option than it was in the past. The common requirement on permeable patios and surfaces is also driving changes here. Above all though, the use of unit pavers instead of poured or stamped concrete has been proved a better option in our region.

09 Jan 2017
Cambridge Pavers walkway with natural blue stone steps, New Paltz NY


Walkways are an important part of front yard landscaping. A beautiful walkway will greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal and provide a way for you and guests to get to your front door. You’ll want the walkway to look nice and be easy to walk on since it will serve as an entrance to your home. Whether it will lead straight to your front door, or to a small courtyard garden or porch, there are many design options for front yard walkways.

09 Jan 2017
Cambridge Pavers Patio are a perfect area to relax, Highland NY


Extending the rooms in your home while add ind value to your property can be accomplished with a patio, with many materials and color choices we can help you design the ideal solution for you, and your family. Spending time outdoor is becoming a necessity nowadays take time away from TV, internet, computers while building memories and appreciating nature will help to add a better and healthier lifestyle, we have been helping our clients by building their ideal backyard entertainment area.