17 Jan 2017

Landscaping, LED lighting, Water Feature, New Paltz NY

Not all homes and landscaping is the same and we all not have the same taste in design and needs, this home is a beautiful designed and build by Seakill in New Paltz NY, clean lines, modern materials yet conserves a traditional look so the landscaping and elements had to match it.


17 Jan 2017
3D LANDSCAPE Design visual of trees, plants and all the hardscape, NEW PALTZ NY

Front Walkway New Paltz NY 3D Design

This is one of our latest projects that we completed in 2016  our client call us to schedule a consultation and ask for our input to do this design, they wanted to redo their front walkway to make more appealing and friendly to them and their guests, as you can see the following pictures describe the original condition it was weeds overgrowing and taking over the walkway, overgrown landscaping, pavers shifting and heaving creating a hazard.  


24 Dec 2016
Pondless waterfalls are perfect to have next to a sitting area, New Paltz NY

Small dissapering water falls

Small but beautiful and relaxing small disappearing water falls feature.

We enjoy and love building water features here is the last one we did, in this application we used a set of 3 core drilled stones combined with boulders and river stone.
To complete the final look we used moss found on property to give it a unique and natural look as well as ages appearance.
The components for a proper water feature like this are.

  • Core drilled stones
  • Boulder
  • River stone
  • Aquascape pump
  • Aquascape lights
  • Aquascape matrix box
  • Geotextile
  • Liner
  • Aquascape vault

We love it is a work of art really thankful for such a beautiful feature.

We love it making out customer happy as much as we love building it.