When having new landscape installed to beautify you home and make it a place that you want to come home after a long day at work and relax, the last thing you want to do is worry about watering it.  Having to water new landscape can be a time consuming but can be critical if the new planting lacks of water if you don’t have the proper watering system and can result of plants dying. Therefore the most commonly and recommended used is the drip system. Drip system is one of the most efficient way to water your new landscape while consuming the minimum water. The drip system consist of tubing rapping around the landscape were water travels and letting just the right amount of water to drip right at the roots of the plant or any ground-cover. This system can be installed above ground and does not require any digging therefore it can be installed during the new landscape. Our specialist on drip system makes sure that every time they installed the drip system it works property, by testing every line and checking if there are no leaks and that water comes out only by the roots of the new landscape, this also prevents wasting water and saving the customer from getting a higher monthly water bills. We install every drip system keeping in mind of our natural resources by installing a drip system will save more water and not to be wasted by evaporating during summer heat, since the water is just being release only to the root of the plant or ground-covers. This system is also keeping you in mind as a homeowner to help you enjoy your home and new landscape. Aztlan will also remind our customers to set up a date and time to have our drip system specialist to winterize their system when temperature starts dropping as is very comment in our area, this will prevent any drip line from freezing and cause serious damage to the system.