When designing new landscape for your back yard there are many ideas that you might have in mind and if a fire pit is one of them, usually the most common question will be wood or gas? Fire pits have become more common when home owners are redoing or having new landscape done on their properties, we will try to help you and to choose the ideal solutions based on your needs and wants.  
The most common fire pit in our are area is wood, due to the fact that we are blessed to live surrounded by such a vast quantity of woods and forest that provide us with the extra needed wood, an outdoor wood fire pit can burn unseasoned logs and branches throughout the season by it will certainly benefit of dry wood.Properly designing a wood fire pit will take large amounts and quantity of wood generating a good amount of heat, offering comfort and coziness for you and your loved ones through countless hours of enjoyment and entertainment, wood fire pits are such a nice addition to your patio but also have some drawbacks which are:

  • extra time to gather wood
  • having a place for storing wood
  • time consuming to get fire started
  • spend time keeping the fire going by adding wood when needed
  • at times the smoke might cause discomfort and impregnate your clothing

At the same time wood fire pits can have its advantage as mention before due to the wooded areas we live in, other factors are:

  • cost effective
  • larger fire to cover more areas
  • participation of all family members
  • the sound of the wood burning
  • not worried about running out of gas

Gas fire pits can also be a good idea and this will be depending on the space the home owner might or might not have on their property to install the gas fire pit. As the wood fire pit, gas fire pit has it advantages and disadvantages.  The following are some of the disadvantages for gas fire pit:

  • Costly
  • Running underground line for gas
  • Having trouble with defective parts or not installed by a professional
  • Flame would be smaller

The advantages of having the natural gas fire pits are as fallow

  • Easy to start fire
  • Not worry about gathering wood
  • They’re clean
  • No after smell on clothing
  • Have more control on the flame level

Whether gas or wood fire pit you decide to have install there would be long time of enjoyment with family and friends. Having the ability to spend more time outdoors making it an extra living space to relax when having small or large gatherings.