17 Jan 2017

Landscaping, LED lighting, Water Feature, New Paltz NY

Not all homes and landscaping is the same and we all not have the same taste in design and needs, this home is a beautiful designed and build by Seakill in New Paltz NY, clean lines, modern materials yet conserves a traditional look so the landscaping and elements had to match it.


17 Jan 2017
3D LANDSCAPE Design visual of trees, plants and all the hardscape, NEW PALTZ NY

Front Walkway New Paltz NY 3D Design

This is one of our latest projects that we completed in 2016  our client call us to schedule a consultation and ask for our input to do this design, they wanted to redo their front walkway to make more appealing and friendly to them and their guests, as you can see the following pictures describe the original condition it was weeds overgrowing and taking over the walkway, overgrown landscaping, pavers shifting and heaving creating a hazard.  


12 Jan 2017
One piece blue stone coping for this fire pit New Paltz NY

Gas or Wood Fire Pit?

When designing new landscape for your back yard there are many ideas that you might have in mind and if a fire pit is one of them, usually the most common question will be wood or gas? Fire pits have become more common when home owners are redoing or having new landscape done on their properties, we will try to help you and to choose the ideal solutions based on your needs and wants.  READ MORE

10 Jan 2017
Valves are a very important component when installing any irrigation system, New Paltz NY

Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

Proper maintenance will ensure your system stays working efficiently and providing the enjoyment intended to. At Aztlan we start by sending our crew in the spring to open any sprinkle or dripping systems and its at this time that we check all components, assure everything is working accordingly.  READ MORE

10 Jan 2017
Dripping irrigation is used in flower beds and in any landscape, Poughkeepsie, NY

Drip Irrigation

When having new landscape installed to beautify you home and make it a place that you want to come home after a long day at work and relax, the last thing you want to do is worry about watering it.  READ MORE

10 Jan 2017
Rotors as shown here watering a large area of this property in New Paltz NY

Sprinkler Systems

Nowadays we are more concern about taking care of our natural resource and every time we do any landscape design we keep in mind in saving more and we start by installing the best sprinkler system that we could possibly can. READ MORE

10 Jan 2017

Quality and Dependability

We focus on offering our clients with the best of the best out there we personally have tested all of the light fixtures and bulbs years prior at our own home and place of business to offer them to our customers and feel very confident about the quality and performance of each fixture we install, all backed by a lifetime product warranty on materials and 1 year on labor after installation.

10 Jan 2017
LED lights are easy repairs having your professional installer, Tavern NY

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

We conduct annual maintenance program to make sure you are not left with any grievances. Everything from replacing a bulb to the voltage levels are inspected in detail and perfected to make sure you get the best from your investment, we can also retrofit any existing system to ensure your money is not being spend on unnecessary electric bills due to a poor installed system.

10 Jan 2017
LED lighting for landscape and house in Poughkeepsie, NY

Landscape Lighting Design

Aztlan Outdoor living has taken great care to provide its customers with the best fixtures of various shapes and design that are installed in a unique way to accentuate the beauty of your home. Partnered with the industry leaders like AMP Lighting, CAST Lighting, and Vista, we have been providing the highest quality lighting with assured quality and warranty benefits. Our staff can be literally called as lighting artists who are experts in the art of landscape lighting.