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Acalm evening walk on a pebbled walkway amidst the blissful sound of flowing water and the relaxing sight of ripples forming on a crystal clear water pond is probably what many people picture a perfect paradise to be. Transform your backyard into a paradise that connects you back to Mother Nature with a garden pond. Aztlan Outdoor Living is a maker of wonderful garden ponds ranging from small stream, pond-less waterfalls, koi ponds to elaborate waterfalls that are built using the famed Aquascape techniques and materials right in your backyard, front entrance or place of business.

Why us

What makes us special is not just our ability to put together the right materials and techniques, but also our unique creative designs, talent and our vision. We bring in the perfect balance in our ecosystem ponds with extreme care to include the natural balance of fish, plants, aeration, rocks and gravel into our ponds just like mother nature has done for millions of years. Each pond is unique and has a special quality that makes it endearing to our clients. We build ponds not just by the rules of the book, but also by taking in the entire landscape into account, our client’s preferences, needs, wants and take up the art of building water features as a passion.


Backyard Koi Ponds •Disappearing Waterfalls (pondless) •Streams •Fountainscapes •Custom Water features




I first met Jorge last summer. He is a dedicated to his customers and strives to give them the best experience with his beautiful creations. His ponds and water features are some of the best I've seen...


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Benefits of a proper designed backyard Pond

A proper planned hardscaping project will not only only increase the curb appeal of your property, there is many benefits to do it right like.

  Amazing visual appearance
  Low Maintenance
  Encourage Nature
  Countless Enjoyment
  Make Your Home Unique

We have spend countless hours and hands on training to learn this trade, have become Certified Aquascape Contractor and keep on learning every day to offer you not just the most appealing pond but a truly work of art.
We focus on building small to medium scale projects for your backyard but have the knowledge, support and experience to take on any size project.
Build one of a kind water feature, treat customers right


inspiration & Ideas

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