Not all homes and landscaping is the same and we all not have the same taste in design and needs, this home is a beautiful designed and build by Seakill in New Paltz NY, clean lines, modern materials yet conserves a traditional look so the landscaping and elements had to match it.The pergola and wood structures gives this home an unique look, incorporating boulders and bringing mature plants while staying with a soft tone palette for colors and design, spring will bring soft colors and even more warm feeling during summer and fall, the main focus of the landscaping for this home is to make it interesting trough the whole season, the addition of the water feature adds that unique touch of calm and relaxation while creating a small space to encourage wild life and nature to add yet another attractive place to watch birds take a bath in this small vanishing waterfall, also included is the addition of landscape lighting to make this property not just more appealing and extend it's enjoyment hours but also add safety.

It was a real pleasure to work with our clients in this project right outside of New Paltz Village and this magnificent House we got to incorporate all the elements our company specializes in we are not your average landscaper but a company that strives to be the best, thanks to our 3D landscape design we were able to plasm our vision.



2D Design

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