This outdoor patio and kitchen patio was installed in Newburgh NY, products used in this project are Unilock brussels pavers and brussels wall, custom countertop blue stone one piece unit.
Originally this patio was build adjacent to a wood deck and was of a much smaller scale, as our client need arise for a larger gathering area we were called to re-design.

“Make it bigger and nicer while keeping the simple layout of the original” that was the request to work in this outdoor living area

We begin by tearing down the wood deck had to pull all original pavers that way we could mix them with the new paver and achieve a more consistent look (always ask your contractor to provide colors, style and brand of materials used for properly match any future projects)
The idea was to create a large area but at the same time make it look not as intimidating which we can accomplish in many projects by separating areas either defined by landscaping beds, structures or like in this case a 2 level patio design, while our clients wanted to have a custom kitchen area yet stay within a certain budget we proposed to utilize the existing grill (almost brand new) and to form an enclosure with the Brussels block wall from unilock, use a custom one piece blue stone as the counter top saving a little more vs granite and keep the patio square since this is less material waste and cuts which saves labor as well, a sitting area with couple pillar at the end was created to give the feel of enclosure and coziness while at the same time becoming functional as additional seating space for guest and family
Custom blue stone counter top for outdoor kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen new paltz ny