This is one of our latest projects that we completed in 2016  our client call us to schedule a consultation and ask for our input to do this design, they wanted to redo their front walkway to make more appealing and friendly to them and their guests, as you can see the following pictures describe the original condition it was weeds overgrowing and taking over the walkway, overgrown landscaping, pavers shifting and heaving creating a hazard.  

They wanted to implement lot's of color, deer resistance plants, a long lasting paver walkway and most importantly increase the curb appeal, first step before starting any project is to get detailed measurements and elevation changes to properly create our design

Picture of the home before landscape makeover in New Paltz NY

2D Design

The norm and the one we need to properly build most of our projects at the same time are hard to fully describe our ideas and vision to our clients

2D Design are the first step of designing the landscape

3D Design

So we use technology to better express our ideas and vision, at the same time this gives us the opportunity to change anything before project starts being build.
3D back walkway design with landscape to hide AC unit
3D Design for a walkway and landscape including LED lighting in New Palz NY
3D design aerial for a better understanding of landscape, in New Paltz NY

The process

We always are honest to our clients and any major construction project we take on the first couple days will look overwhelming, it might seems there is more destruction than construction, this is one of the most important phases in order to assure your walkway, patio, retaining wall, etc, will last the test of time, so don't get discourage if at the beginning things don't look as good as the original concept.
Excavation to start on an outdated front walkway in New Paltz NY
Leveling ground to start setting up the base for walkway and landscape in New Paltz NY
Large planting is being done before walkway gets install

Our Tecniques

Not all projects are the same when it comes to base preparation and layouts, in this particular project we could see future problems due to water issues, soil type and conditions are the main issue for future failures so we decided to use a concrete base that if properly installed and following right practices will the best base, pavers are not meant to be installed directly on mortar but using a screed base between pavers and concrete separates the two giving you the flexibility that a paver walkway requires in our area. Proper base depth, compaction, pitching, drainage are some of the main things to focus, also thinking about the future like running sleeves under any permanent structures in the event later want to install a drip irrigation, lights, replace or add service lines, adding couple pieces of conduit or pipes (we recommend 2" or more take pictures of locations)
Planting of larger trees and small plants are set before base was put on
Installation of the base for the walkway is put down and ready for pavers in New Paltz NY
Unilock brussels pavers are being installed along with flower beds, in New Paltz NY

End Result

As you can see all plant material was also installed due to the time in the season most plants look not as appealing but come spring time and summer things will start to take shape and transform this home into a more beautiful place, the retaining walls serve as raised flower beds and also break up the high structure of this unique home, this landscaping was focused in implementing different heights and elevations, some evergreens to have some texture and color during winter but mainly focused to welcome spring and summer, we believe we accomplished our goal and implemented our customers desires into this.
Brussels Pavers from Unilock for a beautiful front walkway
Unilock pavers walkway in new paltz ny with landscaping
Unilock Brussels Pavers for a curve walkway with landscape in New Paltz NY