Having pond lighting install adds many advantages to your backyard retreat. Pond lighting not only can make a place more visible but there are many ways you have pond lighting usage, by illuminating the perfect spot you can make that a special place to spend it with your love one.  Pond lighting is the best used underwater to enjoy watching the fish and other wildlife partake in the pond, spending endless hours of tranquility. Regardless of the reasons you do decide to installs pond lighting there are several things you should be aware of, to make the right and safe choice. The common misconception about pond lighting is that it is easy to install. When buying pond lighting at your local store the sales man will tell you its so easy to installed and neglect to tell you that you will need to wire the lights into a grounding electrical box. That is if you want the best lights in your pond. You may therefore want to opt for self-contained pond lighting that runs on an internal battery.