Proper maintenance will ensure your system stays working efficiently and providing the enjoyment intended to. At Aztlan we start by sending our crew in the spring to open any sprinkle or dripping systems and its at this time that we check all components, assure everything is working accordingly.  If any repairs are needed it will be notify to the customer to correct the problem of the sprinkle or dripping systems, by having everything running properly on either your sprinkle or dripping systems not only it will ensure further damage doesn’t occur and water is not wasted, also it will help maintain a healthy landscape but it’s the most efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the water it needs during our changing seasons. We offer repair and maintenance throughout the whole season our specialist on sprinkle or dripping systems can make the proper adjustments to have the systems working accordingly to raining seasons or dry summers.Keep in mind that winterizing of a sprinkler and drip irrigation system is a must and common practice for our area and something that has to be done before heavy frost. Our service consist of the complete closing of the sprinkler or dripping system in the winter or when harsh conditions are expected, blowing all lines to drain as much water as possible from your sprinkler and drip irrigation system is an essential part to extend the life and ideal working conditions, we at Aztlan take proper precautions and follow the standards for this service, rest assure we will perform to the highest standard of this industry. Our goal at Aztlan is to provide a worry free system and for this we can have one off our representatives contact any customer that we installed a sprinkle or dripping systems to set up a date and time to provide any of this service. If any questions,changes or additions to your sprinkle or dripping system we will glad to help you.